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Dairy and wheat free food for children

Breakfast smoothie

My son gave this 9/10!

1 banana
Large handful frozen, or fresh of course, strawberries
2 tablespoons ground mixed seeds
1 tablespoon tahini
1 tablespoon organic peanut butter
Almond milk (I used the new Alpro one)

Whizz up!

We weren't hungry until lunchtime. This has loads of essential fats, calcium and fibre in it. Perfect start to the day.

Bedtime drink

If you want a calming sweet no-sugar milky drink at bedtime try this. Rated 10/10 this time:

Almond or oat milk (I used calcium fortified Oatly)
Fresh or frozen raspberries
Xylitol to taste
Good quality vanilla essence - a few drops.

I heated it on the hob and whizzed. Delicious.

"Melted flapjack breakfast"

My kids LOVE this version of porridge:

Porridge oats
Your choice of milk to make into porridge
Mixed berries
Organic dessicated coconut

Slowly cook everything on the hob. I add a tiny bit of xylitol for older kids. You can sprinkle in the mixed seeds too.

Chocolate rice pudding

Just made a delicious dairy and gluten free and low sugar pud for the kids: wholegrain brown rice, covered half with chocolate soya milk (low sugar) and half with coconut milk. A big knob of organic butter, zest of 1 organic lemon and a big blob of marmalade. Baked in oven. Just come out and tastes SO delicious!!! And full of B vits and slow release carbs so perfect for sustained energy for kids.