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CD, Tring


During the initial consultation you and Claudine will review your detailed symptom questionnaire and thoroughly discuss your symptoms, medical and family history, your environment and lifestyle.

For complex health conditions or suspected food intolerances, there will be suggestions for specific screening or diagnostic tests to help identify underlying nutritional and biochemical imbalances.

Claudine will discuss the impact that your diet is having on your health, identify any potential underlying imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms, and together you will develop a personalised treatment programme with easy, achievable goals to take away and implement.

This will include simple dietary changes and lifestyle advice and may include nutritional supplements.


£150 includes:

1. Initial Consultation. Programme devised if no tests are necessary - up to one hour

2. Test recommendations and details, if relevant

3. Follow up consultation of up to 45 minutes to discuss test results and devise programme

Follow up consultations thereafter are priced at £60.

Home visits are possible at an additional cost.

In between consultations, Claudine is available to answer questions as appropriate by email.

These fees exclude tests or supplements.

Nutrivite is currently registered with Aviva Health Insurance.